DHM Architecture & Planning is a Berkeley-based design firm that specializes in modern design, architecture and planning. Each design project carries with it a unique set of circumstances. We strive to find inspiration in those circumstances and to bring a fresh approach to each situation.


For every project we are guided by our core principles:

Architecture embodies TIME and PLACE.

At their best, buildings celebrate their contextual circumstances. Whether urban or rural, warm or cool climate, flat or varied topography, well designed buildings reveal their context in a manner both honest and complementary.


Architecture addresses MULTIFACETED issues.

Successful building design artfully balances the elements of structure, light, environment, landscape, and materials with the realities of budget, schedule and entitlements into a beautiful and efficient whole.


We experience architecture at ALL SCALES.

From a city space to a well-crafted drawer pull, we encounter good design in the largest and smallest details as a multi-sensorial experience.



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